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First size run of the reversible jacket along with some hats made of vintage WWII military blankets will be available this Friday-Saturday @ the Book&Job gallery at 838 Geary in San Francisco, and the following Saturday, December 21 at the Black Market, a night of food, drinks and local made goods. And if you can’t make either of those then the web store on will be up very soon as well! is in the works… is in the works…

Matchy matchy style #2.

Matchy matchy style #2.

Reversible painter’s coat and caps coming soon as well as a new website.

This edition of the coat features 100% cotton herringbone combined with a heavyweight 12oz chambray woven in the USA.

Hey there, my name is Peter, I live and work in San Francisco, and I'm a big fan of local menswear manufacturers, particularly those that make their wares in San Francisco from start to finish. My goal is to get San Francisco on the map as the preeminent destination for well-made, innovative, and - most of all - wearable clothing. I'd love to check out your items & studio. Perhaps we can meet for a cup of joe.

Hello! Sounds interesting. I would like to hear more!

henrybori asked

Hey!Nice stuff!Is it possible, to get the tweed-duck canvas jacket???

Hello! What size do you think? I haven’t any more of that fabric but could create something similar, let me know!

Charlie Watts joins the Ramones.

British-American alliance.
Reversible painters coat, the sequel.
100 % cotton 12 oz raw selvage denim joined with 100% wool herringbone.